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Featured aesthetic soft girl clothes

Blouse and shirt collection

Have an amazingly soft fall, with our new collection of comfortable shirts and girly blouses!

Crop top and t-shirt collection

Stay chic, stay comfortable. This is for the women who believe in the strength of soft.

Dress collection

Fashion is art, and our collection combines whimsical colors and prints, unique fabrics and embellishments.

Skirt collection

Sweeten up your look with this skirt from our cute collection.

Soft girl outfits catalog

In a world of hard edges and sharp corners, sometimes it’s nice to go with something soft. Check out the latest aesthetic collection.

Crop Top + T-Shirt

Blouse + Shirt



Sweater + Hoodie

Pant + Jean

Jacket + Outwear

And More

Pure femininity is about the attitude of a woman, not a collection.

Infinite inspirations

The store offers you infinite possibilities to create your own look. Create your unique style in your own way and design it with your own inspiration. Endless choice enables you to create endless combinations and possibilities.

Feminine & unique

The collections are designed for you, a woman who wants to be comfortable and feel beautiful while still looking feminine, classy, and sophisticated.

Responsible sourcing

Our goal is to provide you with a curated selection of quality, responsibly made women’s clothing and accessories.

About us and the softie aesthetic trends

Questions? Use our F.A.Q. or contact us via our contact form or email.

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What is soft girl aesthetic or softie fashion trend?

The soft girl is understood to be characterized by a love of all things cute, sweet, and adorable. Along with that, it encompasses an interest in fashion, social media, and the latest beauty trends. She can be soft in a variety of ways. The soft girl aesthetic is characterized by bright, happy colors and cutesy patterns like floral prints, hearts, and pastel colors (think Dora the Explorer or Hello Kitty). This style of fashion favors warm colors over cool ones. There are also soft girls who love a vintage aesthetic with retro bathing suits or stick to cozy Old Navy. The common thread, no matter the style, is that she loves herself and embraces being female. Sometimes, Softgirl can be viewed as the fashionable girl with a sweet and vulnerable personality.