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The Definite Soft Girl Fashion And Aesthetic Guide

Soft Girl Aesthetic and How to Ace it: Kawaii Edition


A soft girl is someone whose style is heavily influenced by the popular social media aesthetic and Harajuku fashion. This includes pastel colors, a lot of accessories that stand out and shimmer and glittery makeup.

The holy trinity of Gen Z teen fashion trends is incomplete without the soft girl.

The Girl-Next-Door is Now Online!

Though a soft girl is not as hyped as your usual VSCO or e-girl but she is popular in her way for her unique distinctive style. There are hashtags with millions of videos, blogs, challenges, and more related to soft girls.

The image of a soft girl that they broadcast on the internet may be nowhere close to the one they have in real life. You can often recognize them by their style which is a blend of hyperfeminine elements, unique child-like imagery, and vintage/thrifted clothing.

This style isn’t just limited to girls there are soft boys on TikTok and their persona consists of how they present themselves to the world and how they’re navigating their way through it.

Who Is A Soft Girl?

They have a vibe that is dreamy and simply extraordinary. With their colorful pins, soft colors, mom jeans, glossy lips, and overall just a dreamy vibes. She’s your smart girl online, pigtailed, dressed in pastels, with a little dots of freckles, or mini hearts – stamped across her pink cheeks and highlighted nose.

Soft girls incline towards warmer colors and all things cute. They’re more feminine and girly rather than edgy and dark vibes. Their style is broader and far from minimal and time consuming as well.

This style emphasizes feminine forms of expression and cherishing girlhood to the fullest. The stereotypes of women that have been labeled as a weakness such as sensitivity and taking into one’s appearance. A soft girl is a term for empowerment for women who don’t shy away from their interests, are expressive and embrace girly things like Hello kitty, the Powerpuff girls, makeup and the color pink!

It’s interesting to see how this trend has surpassed than being just a social media aesthetic it is also becoming an everyday trend embraced by GenZ & Millennials.

How To Be a Soft Girl: Soft Girl Outfits Guide

Of all the Tik Tok trends that have risen to fame, they all have some distinctive traits and qualities. For soft girls, it is the color pink. They’ve everything pink from pink clothes, accessories and even pink hair. Soft girls love makeup and they love to put a lot of pink blush, adorable pink stamps, and top it all off with a glossy lip.

They love oversized clothing from loose jeans to oversized sweatshirts. Think Ariana Grande, the original soft girl of them all.

Want to embrace the soft girl aesthetic? Follow our article to become more familiar with this vibe.

1.   Pink hair, don’t care.

Soft girls don’t lack any commitment when it comes to showing off their rose-hued tresses. Some try exciting shades with the help of temporary sparkle sprays and chalks to test out the colors that look good on them.

2.   Hair Accessories

Soft girls love to style their hair with adorable clips, barrettes and headbands.  Sometimes by placing it at each side of the temple to all over their head. Because there’s no such thing as too many barrettes – they get more creative at times by putting it on their jean pockets as well. They love experimenting with different headbands like top knots that come in various prints and colors.

Scrunchies became a very popular trend last year and soft girls too have a sweet spot for it. Since they come in so many colors and soft patterns and accessories, it would be crazy to not try them.

3.   Makeup

Soft girls like e-girls love to use their makeup in more than the normative way. They stylistically draw hearts and stars all around their face. Some add little freckles on their cheeks to make them look more adorable and girly.

Don’t be shy, put some more – blush! Soft Girls are known for their pink blush. This gives them a very glowing and youthful look. Soft girls love to experiment with colors like hot pink, pastels, glitter and more! It’s like their brand colors and they’re so good at pulling it off.

Never trust a soft girl who doesn’t like lip gloss. A super shiny glossy layer on the lips which is a must for this look! A subtle shimmer mixed with a tint of pink? Gorgeous!

4.   Outfits

Mom jeans came back a few years ago and every part of the internet is embracing them today. Tiktokers swear by mom jeans and pair it amazingly with tiny tees, crop tops or even turtlenecks.

Soft girls swear by plaids! Like Cher from ‘Clueless’, they love a plaid pink skirt to match and mix their outfit. They love pink in every shape and every form. 

They love to show skin but they also love layering their outfits with a statement denim jacket. Fuzzy Jackets? They love ‘em! The bigger sweatshirt the better. Like Ariana Grande, Soft girls love jumpers that are 2 sizes too big. This trend is here to stay for a long time.

5.   Other Accessories

With such a blast of colors, a soft girl can never go wrong with a pair of clean white sneakers. This is a classic item from their accessories. They may also choose to pair it with some classic platform shoes.

Super cute pink sunnies and heart shape glasses exude the epitome of soft girl energy. Cute earrings and pendants that have heart and another girly charm, that’s what soft girls are all about.

So whether you’re just trying out a new look because you saw it on the internet or want to restyle your wardrobe, we hope this guide helped you in getting the ultimate soft girl look! Just remember, every day we wear pink!

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